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Learning of Tamil words through this learn Tamil Word Puzzle is a simple and an easy way. We give lot of Tamil words for kids in the best learn words Puzzle. The learning of English words through the learn words application is the easiest way to learn the Tamil words. English for kids helps to learn Tamil words in an effective manner. This learning app for kids nurtures the curiosity of kids to learn Tamil words. English for kids gives an idea to learn the Tamil words joyfully. The learn words Puzzle provides the hints in the image format to identify the words. So it always an easy to learn Tamil words through the pictures. We categories the English words for kids into three main categories say easy, medium and hard. And also the kids can select the following sub categories of their interest. Along with the Common Core goals, the aim of learn Words for Kids is to:

- to improve their fluency
- to boost kids' confidence
- to increase their Concentration power

This game is a collection of Tamil words and focusing on to develop the kids' vocabulary. It's a free Mind sharpening word game to mold your kids knowledge and to enjoy this Learn Tamil Word Puzzle with your kids.